Our History

The Perth Soapbox Club Inc, originally known as the Mount Brown Soapbox Club of York, started with members travelling to York once a month to race.

The Mount Brown Soapbox club was originally founded in 1968 by Messrs Beresford Newton, Russell Crisp and Laurie Simms. Then the work really started.

Earlier in 1968, the trio starting investigating the hill road at “Mount Brown, York ” for suitability as a possible Soapbox racing track. The three pioneers had to look further afield as they were having difficulty exciting the RTA, Main Roads Department and Locals Councils around Perth for their monthly sporting venue.

Eight people attended the first meeting at Russell Crisps home in 1969. A very dedicated and energetic group. Two great supporters were Cyril and Ida Newton.

The breakthrough came after a plea to the Shire of York, and in February 1970, the club was given twelve months to get organized.

In February 1971, 23 soapboxes rolled down the hill at the Inaugural Mount Brown Soapbox Club meeting. The club was officially on the move.

In 1976 “The Mount Brown Soapbox Club of Perth” had been given a road in Bickley to use thanks to the Shire of Kalamunda and this is when it again changed it’s name to the Perth Soapbox Club to better reflect the areas it encompassed.

In 1981, the Perth Soapbox Club Inc was offered a unique venue thanks to the W.A Sporting Car Club and the Wanneroo Shire. And due to the efforts of the then President Mr Tony Holland, the members were inspired to build their own track and complex on the access road to the W.A.S.C.C. complex. Many hours of voluntary work were put in by the members and two who need a special mention are Ross Burton and William Donald. Tremendous support was given by the Club President of the W.A.S.C.C Bob Biltoft and Bill Robert’s efforts were unmatched. We remain the only club with it’s own track and this has given us a flexibility to schedule meets and encompass a social element to our racing.

We acknowledge the efforts of past, present and life members for their hard work and contribution to the running and fund raising needs of the Perth Soapbox Club Inc.