How Much?

Before committing to the sport of Soapbox Racing we encourage new families to come along to the track on a race day for a visit to learn more about the sport. Children can experience the thrill of soap-boxing in the club’s tandem car driven by an experienced adult driver (please wear a long sleeve top, trousers and enclosed shoes). Entry and Tandi rides are FREE.

We encourage new drivers to use one of the club’s cars for a meeting or two before committing themselves and family to the sport.

Club Fees (per year)
General Membership – No Drivers
eg. family or past drivers/members
Family Membership – 1 x driver $150
Family Membership – 2 x drivers $220
Family Membership – 3 or more drivers $250

Complete soapbox cars can be purchased from the club for $450 outright, and also privately with pricing by arrangement of owners. If at a later time you decide to leave the sport, the club may buy-back the soapbox for $400 providing the soapbox is considered to be in equal or better condition than when it was purchased from the club. The club is not obligated to purchase “private sale” soapboxes however may do so at its discretion.

Of course you are welcome to build your own soapbox car from scratch and the club can provide plans and specifications for you to do so, and moulds can be hired from the club for you to form your body work. Please consult with the Club Scrutineer before embarking on a project like this, to ensure your completed soapbox complies with all club rules and regulations. As a rough guide building a soapbox costs about $1,200 when factoring in raw materials, parts and paint.

Black Tyre (each) $12
Pneumatic Tube (each) $8
Tow Strap $25
Transponder Hire (yearly) $40
Purchase transponder box $145
Club Shirt $40